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Social Networking – Where should we draw the line?

In Social Networking on August 24, 2007 by Arun

Each day, various people across the world, come up with innovative ideas which bring people closer irrespective of the geographic distances. One of those ideas was Social Networking, an amazing way to bring people closer, help people find their old, really old friends and classmates.Sometimes the way social networking has influenced my own life, stuns me. But, just as everything has its own limits, so does social networking. And my question is, is there just too much of social networking going around? People sometime, well, most of the times, end up revealing most of the information about them and this plays enemy to them. Just look at the numerous social networking sites available today. Starting from well known ones like Orkut, friendster, my space to gazzag, mginger and what not? All this, and an underlying base of user-information is getting accumulated. And the bitter fact is that there are “eagles” roaming around all over the web to misuse it.There’s nothing much we can do from our sides to stop the information being misused but we can stop giving out the information. A lot of topics have been raised on the same lines about how the profile-base is being misused.But the fact remains that its a complex issue and its quite tough to address such a problem which doesn’t have any dimensions.For the time being at least. Reveal little about yourself and be very very cautious when you write about yourself on the web. Once it makes a mark, its impossible a little tough to get it off.