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Making a small part of the world…inhabitable!

In Green World on January 22, 2007 by Arun

I just heard of this person in my locality and thought i’d pay him a visit. This person goes about on sundays, throughout my locality(on one corner of the world) planting saplings. Well he owns a bicycle shop and i must say ,uses the waste tyres to protect the saplings he plants.This he does by installing sticks all around the sapling and then letting the old tyres down on them(to form a cyclindrical shape by stacking tyres, one on top of another).

Its amazing to know that still, here and there, there are people who are concerned about our environment and are in their own way contributing towards its protection. Talks with this person reveals an amazing amount of knowledge about a variety of things starting from global warming to the underground water table. This is what i’d like to call a Green Citizen

Its a group of four people planting away every sunday, taking time out to give back something to this environment. If all of us can do our bit in a similar manner, we’ll end up making our own patches greener and greener, and finally, there’ll be more of work and less of talk-of-the-sky. If you people can take time out to do something creative like this, or if you already are, do let us know.We’ll post it here. Its about inspiring, people!!!

Green Away!