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Qualities of Effective Product Managers

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I found this really interesting article today. Must read for all product managers, managers and anybody wishing to be more effective in their work. Find it here



Amazing ! THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!

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I’ve had this clash in my mind always. There’re so many places where a real desktop differs from a computer desktop. The OS. We dont arrange “things” on our desktop. We stack them, throw them around, leave them make a mess. But in a computer desktop, things are arranged. Well , here is a new idea. What if the computer desktop was similar to the real desktop?Its possible. Here it is. Its truly amazing, believe me!You can watch this video from ted talks.Bump top is a new desktop environment inspired from the actual desktops of our daily lives. It uses a lot of practically helpful concepts and is driven my real world physics.Its truly amazing, and is a fresh futuristic concept.Inventor : Anand Agarawala Also, the presentation given to at ted talk is available on the same page


Go Apple!Go!

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Apple Inc, on monday announced its quarterly results. The profits have exceeded the Wall street average. Up from $542 Million to $904 Million (QoQ). This comes to a 67 Percent rise in Apple’s profits.

The Wall Street analysts predicted 85 cents/share, the turnout? $1.01/Share. And the best of all, Apple’s climbing back to join the league of dominant computer makers. Time to celebrate I guess?