Why its important to know to present!

In Uncategorized on September 20, 2009 by Arun

I just sat through a bad presentation. A pathetic presentation. I mean no offence to the person who presented it, but i really felt that people need to know how to present. Its the art of putting forth an idea, and helping the listener or viewer understand it inthe same sense that you’re trying to convey it.

Lots of people start off with powerpoint. Its seems to me that many have this inhibition, that MS powerpoint, is the end to all their presenting issues, but, it isnt. (Frankly speaking, its the best way you can ruin your presentation! 😉 ) Kidding.

When you decide to present something, first, just as garr reynolds would say in his blog, presentation zen, get out of the pc first. Your pc  and presentation software are just a tool to help you present. Not the solution, in itself. So, do some pre-work and decide how you want to stream out your idea to the people.

There’s loads to presentation, and excellent presentations. But, here’re are a couple of things that you probably should keep in mind.

1. Please please please, dont use, in-your-face colours. There’re millions of colours other than Yellow and Red.

2. Stop flooding the screen with text and text and text. Remember that you’re trying to convey an idea. Not write a story.

3. DO not read out what is written on the slide, or write everything that you want to say on the slide. That is not presenting. You might as well, read it out from your notepad, if thats what you wanted to do.

4.Bullets are outdated. Try not using them unless they are necessary.

5. Make your slides clear. Dont try to get overly sophisticated, unless necessary. Its more important for your idea to get across sensibly, than your expertise with the software.

6. If you’re presenting numeric details and charts, try minimizing them down to simple ones, that the persons in the presentation session, can see and comprehend.

Finally, start getting advices from awesome presenters like Garr reynolds at his blog

Helps a lot.

Cheers, and Good luck with your presentations.


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