Reservations – The fundamental Point

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As of late all of us have been hearing a lot about reservations and how the percentage seems to be going up each day. Well in a couple of weeks it should touch 50% (if i’m not wrong)  Now,I’ve got some thoughts. How on earth does reservation help us ? Reservation for people of different castes? It doesn’t really seem to make any sense. Education knows no religion. The one who works succeeds and the one who doesn’t , well, might not be as good . Are reservations necessary? Though this may sound a little harsh to some of you, reservations aren’t necessary at all. Some people tell me that it is to encourage the weaker sections.Well , if that’s the objective then, there are n number of other programmes that you can  conduct. Provide subsidised education. Provide Books. Provide other facilities. Provide infrastructure. Provide something that they cannot afford(people can very well afford these. Or at least many of them can) not something for which they are not willing to  work. What’s this? We are lowering our own standards. This is not good pathetic!  If we are to provide support to the weaker sections, we should try to eliminate the barriers, so that they can get into the education stream easily. Lowering the standards, by any means is not the way to tackle this problem . When we lower the standards, we are implying that some people are not capable of performing and that we do not hope to get a lot back from them. Work should be the way of life, and work is the way to succeed.Anyway. Just my opinion  


One Response to “Reservations – The fundamental Point”

  1. Though your outburst against Reservation Policy is understandable, but you should know why this policy was framed in the first place. I will explain it by giving you a small example. You are born in a family with educated parents who started to train you to compete from the day one by providing you with all the facilities, like telling u stories, givingu educational toys, then books, providing u with news papers, TV and what not. If your theory is to b accepted u want a boy born in a slum to an uneducated parents who have no regular income, who is not bothered about education of their children but will prefer him to go to work the moment he learns to walk, to compete with you on equal footing. Do u think it is justified. Competion could b only among equals. So the reservation policy was needed. The one way of bringing this kind of equality was what was practiced in communist countries. All the children were considered state property right from their birth. All r given same kind of oppertunity right from living condition to education. No elite schools for rich, no convents everyone is tutored in the same Govt. run schools, given the same food, and living conditions. In such a situation what u say may b right. If the Govt. cant ensure this for each and every child born in the nation then the second best policy is improve the standards of living of the down trodden by some process by which there lot is improved and they come to the same social level from where they can provide the same environment to their children, as u got from your parents.

    A study was conducted by TATA institute of Fundamental research in Daravi slums of Bombay, in which a group of children from this slum were adopted and taught by the best scintists and educationists of the country. After few years these boys were asked to sit in a exam with the boys of elite schools like Don Bosco, St Stephens etc. The boys from this slums fared much better then the boys of these elite schools. So, if you want merit to b the sole criteria then first provide all the children equal living condition and similar facilities.

    So, my dear there is nothing wrong in reservation policy as such. What is wrong is giving the benefit of it to those who has already achieved the social standing and status. It should be restricted only to the needy. That is why supreme court wants the creamy layer from the SC/ST and backward classes to b excluded from these benefits.

    Why I have written all this is so that u get right perspective of the things and dont get yourself on a wrong foot when u argue your side in any forum.
    Keep blogging u will learn lot of things. U have the capacity to write and express your self very clearly, which is very rare.


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