Creativity – The base of innovation

In Product innovation on July 26, 2007 by Arun

How important is it to be creative? Really important. Its the future. Its the present. It was the past too! It is through creativity that new and better ideas and concepts come out which go on to become good products or processes.  The Personal computer, was a creative idea too(at a point of time), though its been long since it lost that status. I’m emphasizing on creativity because its the mother of all innovations. Every day we see someone talking about product innovation or process innovation, but when the deeper layer of their talks are explored we understand that it gets its source from few other “points”.Its creativity at the basic level that leads to all the developments and innovations. Its creativity that brought out the Macintosh and its the same creativity that can be seen in Orkut too!  Once we try to break away from the usual way of doing things, we can hit upon n number of ways to improve our lives.  


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