For Heaven’s Sake…Get some Environment Education On!

In Uncategorized on January 26, 2007 by Arun

Inspite of the number of chitter chatter that we have about our environment(once in a while!) there just doesn’t seem to be a serious move being made by the educational bodies in inculcating Environment related Education in a serious manner. This subject still hasn’t become a during-the-dinner issue in our families. Well yes, once in a while when the water doesn’t come out of the tap, we start talking about all the water-table related issues present today…that’s again short lived. If this is going to be the situation, with none acting over some critical problems such as a decreasing water table, decreasing green cover, increasing pollution of all sorts, we’re headed towards our own grave,probably at 25000 miles an Hour(!) .
People, I really think its high time we start considering the environment and the kind of issues that it poses, seriously. I don’t know when its going to strike people that we’re actually doing a lot of talking and very less of work on these issues. Well, i’m very much helpless on this issue myself but i do hope to raise a conversation and probably invoke the right souls in the right places, into action.

Save the Nature,


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